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Eidolon is an open source SDK for AI agents

Infrastructure empowering developers to rapidly build trusted, modular, multi-modal agents for genAI apps.


What our users say?

" The LLM execution pattern and tool call pattern with other solutions, like LangChain, is too rigid and can’t be customized. With your project I get a way less proscriptive design that is flexible enough to meet all my needs. "

Sr. Software Engineer

Sr. Software Engineer

Enterprise Company

" Devs don’t need to write 100s of lines of code to do what Eidolon has already done for you. The builtin agents are easy to use and can be customized to fit your needs... and deployment was a breeze. "

Software Architect

Software Architect


" As a green field developer, Eidolon lets me easily build applications. I was able to throw a demo together in a week and I don't know s**t about AI "

Game Developer

Game Developer

Indie Game Dev

What you get with Eidolon

Simple, modular, and scalable: Eidolon is the best choice for your next project.

Easy to deploy

With Eidolon, agents are services, so there is no extra work when it comes time to deploy; the HTTP server is built in.

Start simple, with power to grow

Create agents using only specification or customize with your own code. Eidolon provides the power when needed, and the flexibility to customize when desired.

Simple agent-to-agent communication

Because agents are services, and with well-defined interfaces, they easily communicate with tools dynamically generated from the OpenAPI JSON schema, as defined by the agent services.

No vendor lock-in

Eidolon is open source and designed to be run in any cloud or on-prem. We are an open source tool built by developers, for developers.

Painless component customization and upgrade

With a focus on modularity, Eidolon makes it easy to swap out components. Grab an off the shelf LLM, RAG impl, tools, etc., or just define your own.

Trust built-in

Built-in support for enterprise grade security including multiple authentication methods as well as RBAC support for every agent type. Pluggable interfaces allow developers to choose how their agents are secured.

Eidolon's built-in Agents make creating applications a breeze!

Copilot interface

Build copilot functionality into your application with ease.

Create a simple chatbot

The Eidolon copilot agent can be used out of the box against any LLM and supports multi-media and RAG using configuration files - all without code.

Front a complex agent

Use the built-in Eidolon copilot as your human interface to complex agents. The power of Eidolon's agents-as-a-service allows easy integration with any backend agent.

Use our React components or roll your own

Eidolon publishes configurable React components that can be used in any application. You can use these components as is, customize them to fit your needs, or completely roll your own - you decide.

Retrieval-augmented generation

Build RAG applications fast and easy.

Add retrieval agents to any application

Easily integrate a retrieval agent into your application. The Eidolon retrieval agent is a pluggable component that can be used with any backend vector store.

Customize with pluggable embeddings, chunking, and storage

Add RAG storage to any application using simple services. Eidolon provides the flexibility to customize RAG to fit your needs.

Secure data using multiple agents and RBAC

Easily secure agents using role-based access control (RBAC) ensuring that only the right agents have access to the right data.

Multi-agent ready

Harness the power of multiple agents to create your next super-agent. Eidolon makes it easy to create agents that work together.

Build agents that work together

Eidolon's modular framework enables easy integration of agents with other agents or into any application. Agents are designed to be easily swapped or upgraded.

Scale agents as needed

Agents are stateless and can be scaled horizontally as needed. You choose how to scale to meet your needs.

Run agents anywhere

Eidolon agents are designed to be run in any cloud or on-prem. You choose where your agents run and how they are deployed.

Build genAI apps in no time with Eidolon.

Step 1: Install Eidolon SDK

Download and install the Eidolon SDK from PYPI or get started with a Template Repository.

Step 2: Create your Agents

Build agent using our out of the box components. Customize them or build new components as needed!

Step 3: Integrate your App

Agents are http services, so you can integrate them into your app with ease or leverage Eidolon's built-in webui to deploy a chatbot interface.


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Learn more about Eidolon

Learn more about Eidolon

While easy to get started, Eidolon is quite powerful. This page provides documentation on some of the more intricate parts.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Agent?

An Agent is an AI system that goes beyond simple text production. It uses a large language model (LLM) as its central computational engine, allowing it to carry on conversations, do tasks, reason, and display a degree of autonomy. These agents accept prompts in natural language, reason out the necessary tasks, and utilize the LLM to compose a response, rather than simply executing a direct command.

What is Eidolon?

Eidolon is an open-source, service-oriented framework that enables developers to create modular and flexible agents that collaborate and cooperate. It aims to shift the focus from direct LLM interaction to goal-oriented, productivity-enhancing agent development. With a focus on modularity, Eidolon makes it easy to swap out components. Grab an off the shelf LLM, RAG impl, tools, etc., or just define your own.

Why do you need an Agent Services Framework?

For generative AI applications, multiple agents are required to solve complex tasks. An Agent Services Framework enables agents to operate both independently and cooperatively across different domains, while providing a consistent development environment for building sophisticated AI-powered tools and resources.

Why Eidolon?

Eidolon facilitates an organized and efficient development process, allowing for easier modification and adaptation as requirements evolve. Ultimately, Eidolon empowers developers to move beyond prompt-and-response interactions and create sophisticated, adaptable AI-powered tools.