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Welcome to the Eidolon Quickstart guide. This section covers environment setup, installing Eidolon, creating your first AgentProgram, and running an AgentMachine.

Setup Dev Environment

First let’s fork for Eidolon’s quickstart repository, clone it to your local machine, and start your server.

Terminal window
gh repo fork eidolon-ai/eidolon-quickstart --clone=true
cd eidolon-quickstart
make serve-dev

🚨 No gh CLI? You can manually fork the quickstart repo and clone it locally.

If this was successful, you should see machine logs in your terminal.

Terminal window
INFO - Building machine 'local_dev'
INFO - Starting agent 'hello_world'
INFO - Server Started

You can also check out your machine’s swagger docs.

Believe it or not, you are already up and running with a simple agent! 🎉

What just happened?

The repository you just forked defines an AgentMachine 💻 with a single AgentProgram 🤖 named hello_world 👋.

The agent 🤖 is defined in a yaml file 📄 located at resources/hello_world_agent.yaml.

This file describes how to instantiate your agent from its AgentTemplate 🏭 and describes any customization you might want (like a custom LLM. tools, etc).

apiVersion: eidolon/v1
kind: Agent
name: hello_world
description: "This is an example of a agent using the 'SimpleAgent' template."
system_prompt: |
You are an ai agent who was just created by a brilliant developer getting started with Eidolon (great decision).
You love emojis and use them liberally.

Try it out

So, if I already have a server running, how do I interact with my agent?

Head over to another terminal where we will install a cli, create a new process, and then converse with our agent on that process.

Terminal window
pip install 'eidolon-ai-client[cli]'
export PID=$(eidolon-cli processes create --agent hello_world)
eidolon-cli actions converse --process-id $PID --body "Hi! I made you"

Did your agent respond to you? If so, congratulations! You have successfully created your first agent machine.

Eidolon on GitHub if you found this useful. Eidolon is a fully open source project, and we love your support!

Next Steps

Now that you have a running agent machine with a simple agent. Let’s start customizing!